Christopher Davisson Walls

Winger Marketing

Homepage Redesign

Homepage before redesign

Winger Marketing was growing and their services were changing. They were looking to update their service offerings and simultaneously refresh the brand look and feel with better UI/UX.


Homepage after redesign

After choosing the proper Wordpress template, I added the necessary plugins and features needed for my vision. The design of the new homepage was built with the users path in mind.

A new user coming to the website would be engaged with an attention getting headline, company description sub head, and responsive video of our new office location. The user then is directed down to the next section of the homepage which gives them the overview of the companies services and capabilities. The idea for the next section came from continuing the users path. If the user sees our capabilities, they will want to see how we have executed those particular capabilities in the past. This leads them to the featured case studies section. Thumbnails were created to match the case study and were formatted in an easily digestible 3x2 grid. The interactive hover effect lets the user know that they are invited to click any case study they wish.

Following the launch of the new homepage, I also created a new email newsletter template that reflects the new look. This design was meant to mimic the home page’s responsive/full screen nature, large text headlines, and digestible content areas.

Refreshed eblast